New Hope School


Concept: Create an integrated sharing and learning platform focusing on the principle of “culture-based guidance, strategy advancement, professional empowerment and talent supply, so as to to help employees grow, expand business and win success of the organization.

School motto:

Growth by sharing and serving others

Organization structure:

Corporate Culture College, Leadership College, Professional School and Branch School

Talent cultivation

Customize training plans for employees at different levels to improve their skills in all and specific aspects.

New employees---A process of integration in collective---Help new employees get adapted to the company’s atmosphere and know the company’s basic situation as soon as possible

Director—Talent reserve plan—Finish the transformation of employees’ role and career identity

Project manager---—Guidance plan — Enhance comprehensive management capacity

Functional manager—Talent reserve plan— Culture recognition and capacity improvement

Senior manager—Guidance plan — Improve the capacity of responsible persons

Executive—Executive training class— Enhance executives’ abilities

Management trainees—Recruitment plan—Reserve strategic talents for the company

Employee care

Irregular birthday meeting, sports meeting and tea party to care employees’ physical and mental health, and ensure they can work happily and strike a balance between family and work.