New Hope Service Institute
To create an integrated sharing and learning platform, based on leading culture, strategic catalyzation, professional capacity building and supply of talents, to facilitate the development of employees, business growth and success of organizations. 

Sharing for Growth, Growth for Service Rendering

Talent cultivation
Training programs specific to different levels of employees are provided to improve the general and specific skills of employees. 

· Sunrise Program: a management trainee training program 
· Inclusion Program: a new employee training program 
· Talent Nurturing Program: a general managerial skill enhancement program for directors
· Skill Sharpening Program: a comprehensive managerial skill sharpening program for project directors
· Skill Sharpening Program PRO: a comprehensive managerial skill sharpening program for regional supervisors 
· Leading Talent Program: a potential top executive training program 
Employee care
· Festival celebrations: themed activities are organized during significant festivals like Women's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival to bring employees a sense of happiness through interactive games and gifts. 
· Internal purchase festival for employees: the Festival of Purchase for Spring Festival is organized prior to the Spring Festival to offer employees discounts.