Non-owner Value-added Services

      The group’s a series of non-owner value-added services include Scene management service;  Preliminary planning and design consultation, pre-delivery and maintenance services; and Other services such as construction site management services.

一、Scene management service

      The group is able to provide property management services for the property developers’ scene and demonstration units, such as customer reception, security and cleaning services. The group’s services are aimed at ensuring the safety and smooth running of offices and demonstration units.

二、Preliminary planning and design consultation, pre-delivery and maintenance services

01、Preliminary planning and design consultation

The group could provide all kinds of preliminary planning and design consultation services to satisfy property developers’ demands in different business operation stages. In the construction planning stage, the group could review the developer’s construction blueprint and bring forth suggestions regarding property management, such as energy conservation, fire safety and general security.

02、Pre-delivery service

The group can also provide inspection and cleaning services for the property developer’s subcontractors prior to sales and delivery and issue a report which contains quality inspection, quality problems found, corrected faults, etc. to the property developer. It can also provide cleaning services prior to property delivery so as to deliver the properties at the optimal status.

03、Maintenance services

      The group provides property maintenance services for the properties within the quality warranty period after delivery so as to assist the property developers. It receives the maintenance demands from owners and inhabitants by the group’s customer service hotline, Modern Leisure Lifestyle mobile application and door-to-door follow-up services.

三、Other services

      The group also maintains construction site order and controls the access of construction site personnel and vehicles; provides other services for property developer (mainly construction site management services) to help ensure the safety of personnel and property on site.