Non-owner Value-added Services
1.On-site management service
      with three modes of customized, exclusive and premium services, we develop a list of 177 contact services that our clients may choose based on their project positioning and actual needs, bringing our clients a sense of respectability, improving customer satisfaction and supporting the marketing of real estate projects. In 2021, we gained a leading position in the industry in terms of third-party customer satisfaction with a third-party customer satisfaction level of 98%. 

2.Preliminary engineering service
      based on our rich experience in property operation, we build standard modules and appropriate suggestions into preliminary steps like planning, review of drawings, construction and inspection by nodes, facilitating corrective actions taken, meeting the needs of clients, enhancing brand image and improving customer satisfaction of residential buildings. 

3.House-by-house inspection service
      before delivery of residential buildings, we offer pre-delivery inspection and closure of non-conformities after correction, intending to reduce quality defects and the number of defect reports. Our inspection service, covering quality of interior details, space size and functions, is provided in three phases including on-site measurement, visual inspection and function testing.